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Little’s Fate: even a used up boar is useful

What do you do with a mature boar pig?  ("Boar" meaning an intact, fully functional male as opposed to the breed of pig.) We have met people who claim they taste good, but our experience has been that they have a smell and taste that...

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You can farm! Order your custom raised chickens today!

Anyone can farm!  You may not have enough space or the ability to raise your own chickens or Thanksgiving turkey, but you can be a virtual farmer by having us custom raise your birds for you!  Let us know how many you want, and we'll raise them for you,...

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Homestead Hog Harvest

Farming is a very seasonal operation. While that seems like an obvious statement, I wonder if that's so.  Are fresh tomatoes or strawberries ever not available at the grocery store?  Does the milk change flavors or creaminess as winter melts to summer?  Is the meat...

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Fall pigs: why now is the time to get your hog!

Way back when, long ago, in the mists of time, the folks who homesteaded the land had hogs.  Fat hogs.  Hardy hogs.  Hogs that didn't need a lot of pampering and could live off the land.  Even in the fall, going into winter, there were no...

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Integrity Matters: know or learn to be your farmer

"Trust is the combination of intelligence and integrity." "Husbandry, which is not replaceable by science, nevertheless uses science, and corrects it too. It is the more comprehensive discipline. To reduce husbandry to science, in practice, is to transform...

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Lard FAQ: What you asked about fat

Lard FAQ: Everything you wanted to know about pork fat/lard. "What is lard?" "Where does lard come from?" "Are lard and tallow the same thing?" You ask great questions!  Here's the quick answers: What is Lard? Lard comes from pork fat.  The fat can come from the back,...

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What is the Homesteaders Guild?


Spring Session Registration - Anyone Can Farm Homestead Education Guild

If you are ready to reconnect intimately with your food and to start growing something you can put on your dinner plate, we can help!  The Homesteader’s Guild is a group of like-minded folks figuring out how to raise their own food with the guidance of longtime farmer Mark Baker.

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