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Our chickens are raised on fresh pasture and moved daily onto fresh grass! They are raised with love! Our chickens all are natural, fed non-GMO feed, and get plenty of sunshine, bugs and natural nutrition.

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back to basics - how to learn and enjoy traditional homestead skills

Farm and Online Classes

Anyone Can Farm Homestead Guild provides the highest quality, most up to date continuing education courses on homesteading practices. Courses are available online and on the farm in Marion, Michigan.

Around the Homestead – News and Information 

Fun in the shop: meet the chicken processing team

FUN IN THE SHOP: MEET THE CHICKEN PROCESSING TEAM We have a day off in the shop today.  The chicken processing shop is usually humming on Fridays, which is when we do custom chicken processing.  The weekly routine is that people who have scheduled their birds...

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You can farm! Order your custom raised chickens today!

Reserve Your Chickens Today!Michigan Farm Baker's Green Acres, Raises Pasture Raised Chickens for the Community, as their virtual farmer.Anyone can farm!  You may not have enough space or the ability to raise your own chickens or Thanksgiving turkey, but you can be a...

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Integrity Matters: know or learn to be your farmer

"Trust is the combination of intelligence and integrity." "Husbandry, which is not replaceable by science, nevertheless uses science, and corrects it too. It is the more comprehensive discipline. To reduce husbandry to science, in practice, is to transform...

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Spicy Chicken Rub: spice up that grilled chicken!

Spicy Chicken Rub: spice up that grilled chicken! This past week we harvested most of this batch of chickens from the field.  The nutrients from the green grass make all the difference in the chicken.  We've had a lot of rain this summer and the grass is very rich. ...

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Oven-baked Chicken Chimichangas

Oven-Baked Chicken Chimichangas This recipe for Chicken Chimichangas was a big hit with the Baker family!  It calls for chicken breast, but is a great way to use leftover chicken, as well.  For superb flavor and to up the health quotient, consider making your own...

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Bone broth healthy breakfast: broth and egg in a cup

Everyone keeps talking about "bone broth!"  So, we've been asked "What is bone broth?" Bone broth is the product of animal bones simmered in water for a length of time.  The simmering over time pulls the nutrients out of the bones and cartilage.  Once strained, the...

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Homesteaders Guild Educational Opportunities

Spring Session Registration - Anyone Can Farm Homestead Education Guild

If you are ready to reconnect intimately with your food and to start growing something you can put on your dinner plate, we can help!  The Homesteader’s Guild is a group of like-minded folks figuring out how to raise their own food with the guidance of longtime farmer Mark Baker.

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