There have been several media reports lately that can update you on what’s happening with the pigs:

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund blog

Kimberley Hartke: podcast link to her interview with Mark on the bottom of the blog

DNR Director Rodney Stokes is out

MDARD Director Keith Creagh is in

The issue of replacing Rodney Stokes is incredible.  Mark’s experience in the US Air Force gave him a context for understanding this.  It is akin to changing Generals in the middle of a war.  “Moved” translates “fired,” except that the person doesn’t lose the paycheck.  Despite the stonewall responses everyone has been getting from the Department and the Administration for the last months, your voices have been heard!  Things got uncomfortable enough that the Governor had to do something.  So, Mr. Stokes is now in charge of “placemaking” in Detroit and a new General will head the DNR.  Keep up the pressure, it’s working!  There is a petition attached to the Farm to Consumer blog to help keep your voice heard.  It is interesting to note that the Department has not taken action to enforce the ISO on anyone else.  They made their show and would very much like it if you’d all go home now.  They aren’t reckoning on the tenacity of people who value freedom.

The next expected action will be depositions in preparation for the court dates starting in October.  Depositions are the process of procuring information with only a court reporter, the lawyers and the individual in question.  A judge supervises from afar but only steps in if there is a specific law issue.  The person must answer all questions.  It is not a trial, merely a fact seeking process.  It is a costly process, but necessary to get to the bare facts.

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