Organ meat is a tasty superfood. This past week we enjoyed one of our favorite dinners: fried chicken hearts, green beans and carrots stored from our garden, homemade multigrain bread.  The kids were dissappointed when the hearts were all gone.  The next noon we had a...

professional foodies

The kids got a fun movie from the library last time: Ratatoiulle.  As Mark watched it, he said, “Hey! That’s exactly like the kitchen at the HerbFarm!”  (Minus the rats, of course.)  He appreciated his time there with Chef Keith Luce.  He’s...


I read a few blogs today–now that I write one, I’m discovering how much fun they are to read!  Chef Eric Patterson had written about 33 happy moments.  It struck me that several of the 11 he’d posted were times when he’d taken the time to...

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