We’ve had a great weekend at the Weston A. Price Foundation Regional Conference.  We eat our own food and have worked (yes, it is that sometimes) to eat a healthy diet for years.  Last Novemeber at the national conference we learned things about food and eating and health that were new to us.  Since putting them into practice–such as bone broth for breakfast–we’ve felt more energetic, stronger in body and clearer in mind.  I strongly recommend that everyone check out the website.  It’s full of great articles and information.  There are many blogs by folks who are writing about the Weston A. Price way of life and how they are making it work.  One of those is a great lady from Grand Rapids who has championed our cause, Kelly the Kitchen Kop. She did a lecture on transitioning your family into real food eating.  She offers lots of information on her site.

The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund is a critical sister organization to the Weston A. Price Foundation.  They showed Farmageddon on Saturday evening to help confernce attendees understand that good food is key to good health, but it is under attack at the source.  The USDA, FDA, and state agencies are attacking farms and healthful food, preventing knowledgable consumers from getting the products they want.  The food from these small farms has harmed no one, yet the government is launching deliberate, measured, punitive attacks on the farmers and their families.  One person commented that we’d have more rights growing marijuana or making meth than we do if we sell healthful food. Mark spoke after the movie about our experience with Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and the “feral pig” issue.  We have been encouraged by the kind words, generous donations, and sharing of the story from so many people here.

The most common question we get asked is always, “What can we do to help?”  Here are our best answers:

1) Call, e-mail, write your Michigan Senators and Representatives.  Let them know how you feel on the issue.  Be respectful, but they need to hear from their constituants.

2) Same goes for the Governor and the Attorney General.  Both have gubernatorial asperations the next time around and need to know that the issue of government, the Constitution, and private property rights are important.

3) Donate to the Legal Defense Fund.  It takes money to keep lawyers on staff.  The state has all of our tax dollars and lots of time.  The strategy is to wait us out and hope we go under or give up.  All the bits and pieces from real people add up to a big message that they can’t tread on us–we are an army!  Thank-you in advance.

4) Spread the word.  This regulation/law is ridiculous, but it is law.  The story needs to be told far and wide.  People need to know what is going on and that it isn’t pigs in Michigan–it’s freedom to choose, it’s control of your own body, it’s private property rights.

5) Check out Anyone Can Farm.  This is the positive angle on the situation.  Anyone can grow food, however much it is.  We want to see everyone have a “victory garden,” even if it’s a window planter.  The victory is our own as we take back the freedom to eat the best way we know how.  You can help populate our nation with food producers by coming to a class, or by sponsoring someone to come.  It’s a great way to spend a weekend on a working farm, learn something about nutrient dense food, and maybe figure out how you can be a part of this new “green revolution.”  Our Indiegogo Challenge is a way to take part and get some great perks.

Thank-you in advance for all the morale support, financial encouragement, and all the other forms of good will.  We can make a stand together and strike a blow for freedom.