They called for scattered showers last Thursday. Sure enough, the rain scattered all over and dumped here just as the guys were scalding and scraping a hog to go out as a roasting pig for the weekend. Sam said, “I’m not taking pictures for you. I just want to forget this miserable job.” But they got it done!!

Someone noted 4 year old Jim watching the proceedings.  The thing about a farm is that the pigs are not really our pets. Even if they are friendly, there’s always an understanding about the relationship. Jim was very curious. Life and death are really entwined on this earth and we get to have some cool discussions as we raise our animals.  Our kids have seen pigs and calves get born and they understand that we all have different purposes in life, and that in the end everything dies–but that we honor the life by utilizing it well and that it in turn helps continue life for others.  This is one gift of the farm to children.

We can custom process hogs, like this one. Right now we can sell roasting hogs–they can leave the farm dead, just not alive. We are also taking deposits on butcher hogs for this fall.  Let us know if you are interested. Farming is all about optimism!

A little fun with the work: