Mama hen did it again.  This is her third nest to hatch out.  I told her as long as she hatches nests, she can stay!


photo 2

This is my summer project.  We like duck and it’s nice to have a change-up from chicken now and then.  We tried raising ducks once before, but an owl got involved and it didn’t work out too well.  This time I picked Muscovy ducks.  They don’t quack.  They are reputed to be good grass and bug eaters.   They are not swimmers, so don’t require a big pool to paddle in–a large water dish will do.  For that same reason, they pluck easier and cleaner.  I don’t want to turn them loose, though.  They will add to the damage the turkeys (Col. Klink and his girl Hilda) are doing in the garden!  So, I’m moving them in the yard in a half-pint chicken tractor.  They are cute and fun.  They picked up the knack of moving quickly because they love the fresh grass!

photo 1