Our business isn’t exactly a glory business.
But it’s a service and we are professionals. Even the ten year old. These kids are awesome, and our business has facilitated so much good for them:
  • understanding the finances of a business (they get paid on a profit sharing basis)
  • knowing the¬†value of choosing how you spend your money (“so how many chickens do you have to gut to get that? It’s your choice.”)
  • customer service
  • phone skills
  • “if you can manage your brother, you can manage anyone”
  • TEAM
  • work and fun can and should go together
  • sanitation and presentation: it matters
chicken processing, michigan, farm kids
Business and kids go together, which is one of the most awesome benefits of the farming business. Kids learn skills on so many levels, from finances to work ethic to management. Plus, they will never go hungry if left to their own devices. They KNOW how to get and make food.
When you come see us, whether for chicken processing, picking up a meat order, or for a class, you’ll get to meet our “staff.” And I promise you’ll meet some of the best professionals in the business.
‘Cause kids and business just go together, especially on the homestead.