Life’s a funny thing. You learn lessons you think you’ve learned before.  Sometimes they are easy refreshers. Sometimes not.

This week was like that.

One of our sows looked ready to pop, so Mark put an extra hut out for her. He bedded it with straw really well. (Not hay, there’s a BIG difference.)

Overnight she had FOURTEEN babies! She’s a good momma.  One looked like it’d been still born, but with that many that happens.  The thirteen remaining looked good and strong, except the runt. He wasn’t bad, just a little slow.  So we brought him in and named him “Lucky.” Mark continued to check them throughout the day.  We brought in a couple that got laid on.  When that happens they get some milk with a bit of coffee or molasses and a chance to warm up.  All but one were jumping up and happy to go by morning!

Bad news when Mark went out in the morning, though.  He explains it all in the video.