It’s a thing we do every day. Once a day. Every week. All year.

Some days collecting the milk is awesome, some days it’s a little challenging.  Mark is gonna tell you a bit about that in his “day in the life” video.

We do the milking for our herd share members. We do our best to deliver the best possible product in the best possible way. He’s gonna tell you about that, too. For example, we recently changed from plastic jugs to glass jars for the milk. Plastic jugs are cheaper up front and easier to transport. But the glass jars are more inline with our value of sustainability and reusability, plus they keep the milk fresh longer because they cool it down quicker and maintain the chill and quality better in the fridge. The downside is handling more units and their breakage potential in transport. We decided that the value alignment and quality control is worth the investment.  As we continually try to improve how we serve, that’s a shift we’ve made.  Mark will tell you more about that, as well. 

We found some great handles for the milk jars to make them more user friendly.  Just below the video I’ll tell you the ones we tried and what we thought of them.

We tried out two milk jar lid styles.

They both fit on wide mouth mason jars, like the two quart canning jars we use for the milk.

They both have pour spouts.

Both are spill proof.

Both have solid, strong handles.

We have a definite preference, and it comes down to “you get what you pay for.”

The lid on top, costing $12.95 each, is noticeably sturdier. The handle is a little farther from the jar so it’s more comfortable to use and feels more secure. The handle is also just plain sturdier as it won’t flex at all as the cheaper lid handles do. If you need economy and quantity, the 3 for $13.95 lids will work fine. They are a little harder to open (flip the little lid), and a little flimsier, but they definitely get the job done. If quality is your jam and you have small kids so security is an issue, it’s worth the investment of the first lid.

Click on the pics to check them out on Amazon (and if you purchase through that link it’ll help us out a little, in interest of full disclosure).

I’d give you a link here to the 2 qt. jars on amazon, but I couldn’t find any reasonable.  I’d recommend going to your local hardware or anywhere they sell canning supplies. You should find packs of 6 for under $30.  Good luck!

Interested in a herd share and how you can get some REAL milk? Check out the herd share and how it all works here: Baker’s Green Acres dairy herd share. Contact us at the farm to get set up!