Last night we had a great time with the Weston A Price chapter in Grand Rapids.  It’s always good to see Kelly “the Kitchen Kop” again, and we met lots of interesting new folks.  That’s a thing we’ve discovered in our time with Weston Price folks: poor health improved by good eating happens in a lot of interesting people!  They are often people who have a keen interest in doing things in life and don’t believe poor life should hamper them.  They are people of passion, and good food is one of those passions.

Last night we shared with them some things folks can still do to help our cause.  Because this is not about pigs in Michigan.  It’s about your right to be secure in your property and effects.  It’s about due process of law.  It’s about equal protection under the law.  It’s about being free from excessive fines and penalties.  Here are some things you can do:

1)       Help Baker’s Green Acres finish the battle by donating to our Legal Defense fund at the pledgie button up above.  There are still bills to pay and legal wrangling to do before it’s really all over.

2)      Pre-buy the Hogwash: An American Pig Tale movie.  Help the filmmaker finish the story.  “Buy Now” at that button in the upper right corner. 

3)      Keep up to date with Michigan farm politics with the Michigan Small Farm Council:   Speaking to your Michigan Representatives and Senators is important.  They need to know that the people who vote care.

4)      Join the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  They will keep you up-to-date with National Issues and they help small farmers like us defend your right to good food. 

5)      Buy direct from farmers and/or grow your own.  It doesn’t take much to convert one flower bed into food—edible flowers if nothing else!  Buy your produce, fruit, and meats in season and shake the hand of the person who grew it.  That is ultimate food security and health.

6)      Invest in your own education.  Check out Anyone Can Farm to learn how to grow food or work with real food.  You can grow your own or at least become an informed consumer to ensure you are getting the best food possible for your family.

Food is political activism in this day and age.  Become involved somehow, whether you write a Senator or cast a vote with your dollars.

You can make a difference.