Here’s another great petition:   Campaign for Liberty–MI

Petitions remind me of the Whos in Whosville from Horton Hears a Who.  It took every last single voice, all making noise to be heard and save the day.  It’s not hard to make your voice heard with a petition, and when everyone who’s concerned signs the cumulative voice can make a difference.  I offer as an example the Obama administration’s recent initiative to limit how a farmer’s own children can work on his/her farm–“limit” being an magnificent understatement.  Due to the amount of feedback they got, they Department of Labor dropped the rule (it was to be a Ruling much like this feral hog Declatory Ruling with far reaching impact but no representative input).  We all raised our voices and were heard.  No matter how the governor and his “Quality of Life” trio of advisors put their fingers in their ears and sing la-la to ignore us, we have to keep being heard.  They have to keep singing louder and louder to drown us, so it is working.  Keep making your voice heard!