Bakers Green Acres – Anyone Can farm Classes and internships opportunties

Remember the mantra from the movie, Ratatouille?  “Anyone can cook!”  Around here, we say “Anyone can farm!”  That’s the premise for Mark’s Anyone Can Farm videos on hog butchering and raising chickens.

One of the best ways to have alternatives to big ag’s idea of food is to raise your own.  The hard part with animals is transitioning from pen to freezer.

I was helping a customer load his birds into cages for us to process tomorrow and realized that custom processing is a huge part of “anyone can farm.”  We’ve taught many people how to do it themselves by letting them work on the line with us.  But if DIY butchering isn’t your thing, Bakers Green Acres has a full  poultry butchering facility on the farm in Northern Michigan, we can help you.  The more people who are feeding themselves and a few family and friends, the more food security we have.  It’s a great feeling to be an enabler in a good thing.

Whether it’s starting chicks, managing a problem you’re having, or wanting to put your project in the freezer, remember,

“Anyone can farm!”