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Come and get ’em!

Come and get ’em!

If you’ve ever thought about trying a heritage pig that’ll yield really great pork, now’s your chance!  Mangalitsa pigs are renowned for their red, flavorful meat and rich, creamy fat.  They are at their best when used for charcuterie, or the making...


We are seasonal eaters, for the most part.  One of the facets of that is that we have seasonal “treats.”  Fall brings smoked chicken, squash, lots of apple cider.  Summer treats include corn on the cob and tomatoes.  Spring is the season of asparagus,...

                  It’s spring on the farm, finally!  Sam’s had his camera out and here are some of his views:           ************     The “Jersey girls” on...

More on pigs

The Detroit Free Press did an article on us today.  Good photos, informative writing. Good pig, bad pig: Michigan files appeal to preserve ban on invasive swine    

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