This past week I once again faced the “legal defense” bills.  These included the costs of the depositions.  The depositions were costly, but revealed so much.    All this was made possible by the passion and generosity of American citizens, along with...
Hello, fall

Hello, fall

September is not a slow time on the farm.  It’s still within our harvest season, so we add the challenges of school rather than dropping activities.  Add to that a weekend trip to Polyface Farm (Joel Salatin) for a Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund event, a...

Some news (stories)

Two great stories came out this week: Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister did a great piece for NPR.  We were pretty proud of their listenership for picking up on the due process constitutional issue even though Dan and Elizabeth didn’t talk about it especially. ...


Mark just did a radio broadcast with Dr. David Janda.  You can hear it here.   He also has a new video update on youtube.

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