The pigs are having their babies!  The weather is not what we’d hoped for at the beginning of April, but you take what you get in Northern Michigan.  Here are some of Sam’s pic.s of the mamas and babies.

Two sows "bagged up" and ready to give birth.

Two sows “bagged up” and ready to have their babies.


Tag team MamasSeveral of the sows made their nest together and had their babies together!

Several of the sows tag teamed to make their nests and have their babies.  They will share babysitting duties later.




IMG_3325IMG_3320-001Note the curled back ears.  They straighten out after a few days.  These guys will be ready to go about the beginning of June.  They will be ready for butcher summer/fall of 2015.  It feels good to be back in the most-excellent-pork business!

Now we just need some sunny, warm days!