Here’s a quick story from Peace News Network reporter Derrick Freeman:

There are two errors: 1) the hearing set for July 12 is at the Missaukee County Courthouse in Lake City, MI; 2) the place to donate to our legal costs is here at Baker’  Thanks for your support of Mark and Baker’s Green Acres!

Please do check out  It’s our positive response to the punitive and restrictive actions of state governments to control what you and I can eat.  The best answer to all the nonsense is to grow as much of your food as you can.  If your lawn feeds you rather than eats your resources, what a great thing.  If your window sills grow herbs and edible flowers, you come out ahead.  For this season, Anyone Can Farm is focussed more on animal production, but while you are here we can talk about and tour the biochar, permaculture activities and beds, compost, and gardens we have on the farm.