How to Build a Chicken Tractor E-book

Interested in Raising Pasture Poultry? If you answered “YES” – We have an E-book for you.

the start to pasture poultry - Bakers green Acres e-book on how to construct a chicken tractor

Sam Baker of Bakers Green Acres has authored a E-book on how to to construct a chicken tractor for your pasture poultry operation.


Raising your chickens on grass, like we do, is easy and yields a much healthier and tastier chicken.  The Chicken Tractor E-book will give you instructions on how to build a chicken tractor per our proven design.

Click on the link below to purchase your Chicken Tractor E-Book.

$6.00 Only

Once you purchase the E-Book, you will be sent to a page that you can download the E-Book from.

All proceeds will go to my education costs and computer equipment as I learn skills to help farmers.

Thank you,

Sam Baker.

P.S.  You can also purchase the e-book in the online store in the Education listings.