Building a BBQ – Turning a Lemon Into a Hog Roaster

Building a BBQ -Great ideas don’t always work as planned on the homestead.  Mark’s biochar building learning curve produced a failed burner, but left him with raw materials for a new BBQ!  We’ve BBQ’d our share of hogs on the roll around grill he made almost 20 years ago at our Montana farm, and he’s ready to up the game.  The plans include being able to cold smoke meats for ourselves, so there are more than just BBQ possibilities here.  But, here’s Mark to tell you about it himself:

Past Homestead Blogs – Anyone Can Farm

A Good Business

Our business isn't exactly a glory business. Custom chicken processing. But it's a service and we are professionals. Even the ten year old. These kids are awesome, and our business has facilitated so much good for them: understanding the finances of a business (they...

Gathering is a revolutionary act

Gathering is a revolutionary act. There's a great power in gathering with like minded people. When you choose to step out of the flow of "normal" life, it helps a great deal to have folks to lock arms with, to connect to, for help and support. That is how you...

Guardians of the Birds

Livestock Guardian dogs (Great Pyrenees, to be exact) save the day! Do you know you almost didn't have access to Northern Michigan's best pasture raised chickens? Our second or third year here on Baker's Green Acres, we had predators that got nearly as many chickens...

The Gathering: Anyone Can Farm

The Anyone Can Farm Tribe Gathering was a success! Check out the fun!

Anyone Can Farm Tribe Day Happenings

We hope you'll join us for a fun day of learning and fellowship! Here's the basic plan: Event time schedule:   Time Event Speaker 8:00: AM Coffee's on! 9:00: AM workshops Josh Cross: Bees Parker Holmes: grazing cattle 10:30: AM workshops Jill Baker: Eat Your...

Chicks on Grass

Around here, you know it's spring when the chicks arrive.  It's kind of like watching for the first robin or the swallows. Spring is arrived when the phone rings and it's the Post Office and they say, "You're chicks are here!"  Spring isn't the best time for brooding...

Homestead Dairy Cow

Mark's been talking about the Homestead Dairy Cow, sharing his experience and knowledge. Want to know good breeds to get? What equipment is good for a homestead dairy cow? How to graze your dairy gal? Check out these videos.   We milk (or will soon) 4 different...

Spring and visions

It's Spring! April is an odd time, a transition time on the farm. We're still cleaning up winter, but summer's energy isn't quite there yet. No snow. No grass. So, what are we doing? Preparing. Entertaining visions of the possibilities of the summer. That includes:...

A Little Pig Tale: Lessons from the homestead

The homestead is a teacher. Some lessons are easy. Others, not so much.

Homestead Hog Harvest

Homestead Hog Harvest isn't just a class. It's an experience.  "Never underestimate the power of a bloody handshake."   --a former class member The class always starts with people wearing name tags standing in a circle around Mark, looking at each other a little...
You can BBQ a Baker’s Mangalitsa pig!  Contact us to reserve your roasting hog, and we’ll give you a call to set up the details.  We’ll need to know the date, location, and number of people/size of hog.  We can not UPS whole hog carcasses, but delivery may be available if you are within a reasonable distance.  Of course, there’s nothing like the story of your hog if you pick it up at the farm!  Have roaster, will travel!


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