Great ideas don’t always work as planned on the homestead.  Mark’s biochar building learning curve produced a failed burner, but left him with raw materials for a new BBQ!  We’ve BBQ’d our share of hogs on the roll around grill he made almost 20 years ago at our Montana farm, and he’s ready to up the game.  The plans include being able to cold smoke meats for ourselves, so there are more than just BBQ possibilities here.  But, here’s Mark to tell you about it himself:

You can BBQ a Baker’s Mangalitsa pig!  Contact us to reserve your roasting hog, and we’ll give you a call to set up the details.  We’ll need to know the date, location, and number of people/size of hog.  We can not UPS whole hog carcasses, but delivery may be available if you are within a reasonable distance.  Of course, there’s nothing like the story of your hog if you pick it up at the farm!  Have roaster, will travel!


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