We’ve chased our share of pigs.

And cows.

And goats.

And sheep.

It’s not an experience we look forward to. It makes for a good “Farmfit” exercise. And lots of opportunities to build character along with muscle. But it’s not a good feeling to look out the house window and stare a cow or pig in the eye.

We’ve learned over the years how to build good fences of necessity. They do truly make for good neighbors, as Robert Frost penned.

Goats are hard to keep in. In fact, that’s one reason I (Jill) am not allowed to have them anymore. We’ve been told that pigs are also hard, that if you can hold water in your fence, only then can you hold pigs. THAT is hogwash. You can successfully contain any animal, given the proper fence, well built.

Mark has several videos about fencing in pigs. Here’s a sampling of them. You can check out more of them on our Baker’s Green Acres YouTube channel.

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