Would you like to not worry about the meat for dinner?  Just go get it out of the freezer instead of wonder if you remembered to pick it up at the store?

Would you like to have a freezer full of the best pork in the U.S.?

Now is the time!  We have a few hogs available to buy in bulk as halves or wholes.

Do you prefer steaks or roasts?  Not a problem.  The hog will get cut per your preferences, which we can go over with you.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of a half hog (double everything for a whole hog):

  • Boston Butt Roast:  5 lbs.
  • Picnic roast: 5 lbs.  (or make more sausage and forego the roasts)
  • Loin Chops: 13 lbs.
  • Spare Ribs: 2 lbs.
  • Jowl bacon/Bacon:  15 lbs.
  • Ham:  15 lbs.
  • Leaf Lard:  3 lbs.
  • Lard:  20 lbs.
  • Sausage:  20-25lbs.
  • Soup bones:  10 lbs.


Where the various cuts come from on a pig.

Of course, there are some options. You can get pork steaks instead of the Boston Butt roast, ham steaks instead of roasts, ground pork instead of sausage, etc.  We will discuss that when your hog is harvested.  Our processor has “natural” cures available for the bacon and ham.  The sausage mixes are plain salt and spices, NO MSG or other preservatives. 

Heritage, pasture raised  pork at a bulk buy bargain!  Make the deposit on yours today through the farm store.  (Balance is due when the pork is ready.) We will contact you regarding cutting instructions and when it can be expected to be ready. We can ship the half or whole hog or you can come to the farm and pick it up (plus, you get a farm tour if you want with a pick-up). 

Order your pork today!