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Bakers Green Acres fined $700,000 by MI DNR

Court hearing followed by a Celebration of the farm


July 12-13, 2013


Missaukee County Courthouse

111 Canal Street Lake City MI


Background: After the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said that heritage breeds of pigs were considered an invasive species and thus outlawed, peaceful Michigan pig farmer Mark Baker was assaulted by the state. Mark’s herd of carefully tended Mangalista pigs provided his family with a reliable income and quality local food to businesses, restaurants, and individuals in Michigan. Now, Mark faces constant harassment by individuals in the DNR and the loss of his farm from the financial toll the DNR’s actions have taken, while the citizens of Michigan face the loss of another quality source of local food.


In response to the DNR aggression against Mark, the Baker family is suing the DNR for the ability to keep peacefully raising their pigs on their own land.  The DNR is now fining the Bakers $700,000 for not killing their perfectly healthy herd of pigs.


Join hundreds of other concerned individuals in support of the Bakers in court and the following day on the farm for a celebration of the farm and fundraiser to keep the farm going!



1. Attend the hearing and celebration of the farm.


2. Donate to the fund to keep the farm going

 Thanks to all of you who have told us you’re coming to either event!  We appreciate beyond words your financial help–it is a huge burden that when shared like this helps us think during the day and rest at night.  The words of encouragement and your prayers are the things that encourage us to keep going when we face the drain of the fight and the intimidation that the DNR throws at us.  We hope to see you on the 12th and 13th!