Hairy roads

Today is not a pretty day.  There’s ice, snow, wind, snow on ice, wind, ice.   The animals are hunkered down in their shelters and straw.  Even the little birds are no where to be seen. The roads are hairy, no doubt about it.   When we got to our hearing in Lake...


Details for the hearing this Friday, Feb. 21: Time: 3 p.m. Place: Missaukee County Courthouse             111 Canal St.            Lake City,    MI Map   
Winter Farm

Winter Farm

      Welcome to the winter farm!                 ******************************************************                      ...
February 21

February 21

For all our local folks, there will be a hearing on Friday, February 21, regarding the DNR/AG’s motion for dismissal.  They are saying our pigs are in “compliance” and the case should all be dismissed.  We’d like for them to explain how one...


At last!  27 days left until we finally face the DNR and Attorney General in a court of law and both sides present their case to a judge.  This is how it’s supposed to work, right?  We’ll see.  They are determined to stay out of court by any means...
Winter Farm


  In response to recent rumblings we’ve heard, Mark says with Mark Twain: “The reports of my (compliance) are greatly exaggerated.” The DNR has decided Mark is now “in compliance.”  They base that opinion off a statement and one picture.  Once...

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