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Kimberley Hartke, of the Weston A. Price Foundation, wrote a couple of excellent articles.  She adds some important background to the story as the Weston A Price Foundation has always championed production and consumption of naturally produced veggies, meats, and...


We spent the day in Lansing today.  Mark testified before the Senate Ag Committee. He was able to reinforce the fact that “feral” is not an animal we feed everyday, that this isn’t about a breed of hog but rather about an agency overstepping their...

More media

Here’s a news article from our friend, Pete Eshelman, in Indiana: Farm Regulation in Michigan Could Potentially Harm Indiana Farmers.  

“I made a bideo!”

That’s a quote from Jim when he gleefully stole the video camera one day.  He was pleased with himself for making “a bideo!” Pete Eshelman from the Joseph Decuis Restaurant and Farm has been a faithful user of Mangalitsa pigs for his restaurant. ...
Anyone Can Farm

Anyone Can Farm

“In Your Backyard” Chicken Anyone  can farm!” A relatively easy place to start is a few chickens in your yard, busily converting your grass into protein and saving you some fertilizer costs. Spend a day on the farm learning how to  start chicks and raise...

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