Check it out!  One of our summer helpers, Jake MacLean, made a great comment on the July 15 entry.  Just click on the comments link on the bottom of that entry.  Thanks Jake!


“Your life is an occassion.  Rise to it.” So said Mr. Magorium to Mahoney in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporioum.  Mahoney was trying to understand her life, her contribution to the world, and the value of  it.  Value.  It’s an idea that’s...

Today was a typical Tuesday.  The Crew did about 180 chickens by 11:00, then pitched in to do odd jobs, including the building of a new outhouse.  The packing crew got the orders filled and the chilled birds tucked in the cooler till tomorrow.  A busy but not...
Pigs on Pasture

Pigs on Pasture

The pigs are loose! Fortunately they’re loose in the next field over.  And they’re supposed to be loose in there.  The pasture Mark planted in April is finally grown enough to put the Mangalitsas in to graze the greens and dig the roots.  This particular...


Just came across this video about Joel Salatin, entitled “Grass is King”.  He was talking about farming grass and I thought it was timely.  Enjoy!

Grass is our biggest commodity.  It’s what we turn into top quality chicken and pork.  It makes all the difference in eggs and beef, too.  It always amazes us how the grass behind the chicken tractors is enriched.  This photo shows the tractor tracks nicely. ...

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