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Natalie Davis wrote a really nice article about us for the Edible Grand Traverse in the Fall edition.  Our article is on pages 10-13, and there’s a great picture that looks familiar on page 48 (last page).  Happy reading!


Harvesting sunlight: that’s what we do.  At a “grazing school” we recently attended, one of the presenters said, “There are very few free lunches in this world….The sun is one of them.”  One of the things we knew and had reinforced...


I’m reading a book written by an immigrant from Germany post WWII (she doesn’t give an exact year, but early 50’s seems to fit).  Her perspectives on American food were interesting.  Here’s a few exerpts: “Salt on fruit?  Yes, I learned...
Growing things

Growing things

Our garden this year has been an exercise in letting go.  We got it planted (barely), finishing the corn and beans around the 20th of June (plant early corn late and you’ll get something!).  Mark planted his pumpkins and squashes after that, but they were...

Check it out!  One of our summer helpers, Jake MacLean, made a great comment on the July 15 entry.  Just click on the comments link on the bottom of that entry.  Thanks Jake!

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