"Feral hog" on the grill!

The hogs are scalded and ready to roast.  The yard is looking good.  All the animals have been admonished to be on their best behavior.   We are anticipating good weather (if the weatherman can be trusted), which makes a hay ride a lot more fun.  There will be several ways you can enjoy and help support the farm: bid on products from our friends and associates in the Silent Auction, take home some farm products, and donate to the “piggy bank.”

Here’s the plan for the Celebration of the Farm on Saturday:


10:30  Hog Harvest Demo

10:30-5:00  Silent Auction: over 30 items including a Dog Sled Ride for the family, a quilt, grass fed beef, a Baker’s Green Acres ham, and lots of gift certificates

10:30-5:00  Farm Products available: $20 and $50 meat bundles, lots of chicken, hats and shirts.  Bring your cooler and take home a sample of the farm!

11:30  Hay ride tour of the farm

1:00  Lunch, followed by speakers who will share the value of wholesome farm food and the importance of fighting to preserve your access to that.

Lunch includes “feral pig” pork roast, BBQ chicken, baked beans,  salads, and drinks.

There will be a “piggy bank” for donations to help support the farm and Mark Baker’s stand for your right to access food grown the way you value.

2:00-3:30 Kids’ activities (3-legged race, sack race, and more!)

2:30 Hay ride tour of the farm

2:30-3:30 Chicken Harvest Demo

3:30 Hay ride tour of the farm

5:30 Campfire: Hang around, bring your instrument and talent to share, tell stories


Come enjoy some “feral pork,” see what we do on the farm, and help support a farmer who just wants to grow good food.