This week has been chicken processing week.  The first part of the week was spent harvesting our own birds.  Monday night is pickup time, after the birds are settled in for the night.  This eliminates a lot of stress on the birds and the humans as we don’t have to chase them down or crawl into the pen after them.  Tuesday and Wednesday are processing days, and everyone pitches in!  By Wednesday afternoon, all the whole chickens and cuts were in the freezer.  We prepared boneless, skinless breast, bone-in breast, thighs, drums, and more for the Flying Moose in Marquette, as well as whole chickens for various folks.  We still have some in the freezer for you, though!

Dorothy's packing chicken, but acting like a ham!

Dorothy’s packing chicken, but acting like a ham!

Friday is custom processing day.  Thursday evening folks bring their chickens to us.  Part of the process is signing the birds in and giving each group it’s own tag with any instructions on it. On Friday it’s all hands on deck again to get all the birds through the process, bagged, tagged, and ready to go out in the evening.  We had several folks that wanted their birds cut up, some vacuum packing.  It was also a variety day as we put several ducks and two turkeys through as well as the chickens.

The crew hard at it, more or less.

The crew hard at it, more or less.

The finale to the week: grilled pork chops and chicken drums (the bent and dents from the week)!  We may work like peasants, but we surely eat like kings.