Have  you wanted to be a farmer, but lack the space? Or the skills? Or the desire to have dirt under  your fingernails?

Good news!

Anyone can farm, and a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a great way to farm no matter your limitations.  In a CSA, you pay an upfront fee to a farmer as a way of partnering with them on their farm to raise your food.  In our case, with the chicken CSA, we don’t ask any help or other contribution (although we are up for bartering if you are of that bent).  Just figure out how many chickens you’ll want for the year, and make your order.  Note that you are purchasing live birds.  We’ll raise them for you.  You are welcome to come and visit your chickens if you want.  You are responsible for processing your birds, whether you make arrangements with us as a custom processor or take them to your preferred processor.   We will do three batches of chickens, so when you order we’ll discuss with you which date works for you.

Order and pick-up dates* for 2018:

Order by: Pick-up dates*:
April 15 July 2-9
May 15 July 30- Aug. 6
June 15 Aug. 30- Sept. 3

*Pick-up dates are estimates.  Chickens are living creatures and have variable growth rates.  In addition, bigger birds take longer to grow and so the size you prefer may affect finishing dates.  We will be in contact as processing gets closer to schedule a pick-up date.

Anyone can farm! Let Baker’s Green Acres be your farmer.  Join the Chicken CSA today to ensure you have the most wholesome, tastiest chicken for your table and save money in the process.  Order your chickens today!