Chicken Processing in Northern Michigan

Our shop is one of a small handful of MDA approved chicken processing facilities in northern Michigan.   MDA certification allows us to process and sell our own birds.  However, we can not process your birds for you to sell at farmer’s market (or elsewhere)–that requires a USDA license.  We have offered our shop as an incubator of sorts for those interested in raising and selling chickens.

Students leave with a couple of chickens and with pride in the knowledge that they can farm chickens at home.

Mark and Jodie Schaub of River Valley Farm are the first to take advantage of this.   On Friday they met with Laurel Sorenson from the MDA at our facility and became licensed producer/processors.  This enables them to grow their own birds for sale at a farmer’s market, to a wholesale distributor, or through some other venue without having to duplicate an existing facility and maintain the overhead of  it.  Congratulations to Mark & Jodie and River Valley Farm!  Good luck in your enterprise.