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“Anyone Can Farm!”

Online and On Farm Classes


If you can grow food, you can farm.  Be it a kitchen window, pot on a patio, or 10 acres of vegetables, chickens, and other assorted animals.  If you grow something you can eat, you can farm.  As we’ve moved further and further from the land, though, it can feel like reinventing the wheel. You don’t have to be alone in your quest for healthy food, a real dirt connection to your nourishment, and your desire to make your world a better place.  You can learn how to farm from these classes and with real time consultation and benefit from our real world experiences and lessons.


Video classes

give you in depth, step by step instructions so that you can go out and get things done well on your homestead farm. YouTube is an overview.  This is detailed and in depth so you’ll be prepared to go do the thing. PLUS, you’ll get a parts list and any other written support material necessary.

On farm classes

have the added benefit of spending time on a working farm that really does the thing and spending time with a real farmer and farm family.  The class is a great investement in your skills, and the experience is priceless.


is a great way to talk to Mark directly to get real time, specific direction and coaching for your project, whether it’s farm planning, pigs, pastured poultry, or troubleshooting another process.  You can sign up for a video consulting time where you’ll get a link to have a face to face video conversation.  Or contact us about doing an onsite consultation visit, wherin you’ll get feedback about your homestead and processes as Mark looks at it and written feedback later for you to reference back.

Invest in yourself and your farm today!

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