Anyone Can Farm Class- How to butcher a hog

Field to Freezer: How to Harvest a Hog

The first step in harvesting your pig is the kill, then the scald and scrape of the hide, the evisceration, and splitting the hog. Learn these homestead skills so you can harvest your hog yourself!

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chicken processing how to butcher chickens

How to Process Chickens, Turkeys, and Ducks

Harvesting chickens is a time honored homestead skill. With a few tips and tricks you can butcher your own home raised birds. Get a printable set of instructions, tools and materials. Plus a detailed video featuring the whole Baker's Green Acres crew to show you the whole process.

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rabbits on the farm, harvesting, butchering, processing

How to Harvest a Rabbit

Learn how to harvest your own rabbits. Watch the video, get the materials list, and more resources on rabbits at the end of the course.

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