If you’ve ever thought about trying a heritage pig that’ll yield really great pork, now’s your chance!  Mangalitsa pigs are renowned for their red, flavorful meat and rich, creamy fat.  They are at their best when used for charcuterie, or the making of cured meat like bacon and ham.  The difference is worth it!

We officially have our first DNR certified non-feral weaner pigs for sale in the great State of Michigan!  May 31 is “Pig Day”.  You can pick your little fella out, plus you can see how we do it, sample some Mangalitsa goodness, have coffee/tea/lemonade and food with us, and see the farm.  Even if you don’t want to feed out a little pig, you can come and do all the rest of it.  We’ll be done with chores and ready for company by 10:00.  Come on out and procure your own pig!