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What makes a good fence? One that holds the animals you want in inside, and keeps all others out.  This course will cover the basics of how to build a solid perimeter fence for your animals.  You can then subdivide with electric fencing, add a top strand for taller animals, add an electric stand-off if needed. These things will be covered in future chapters.  This chapter will get you started with how to

  • Build  solid corner posts that will last-without concrete

  • Make a straight fence

  • Drive fenceposts

  • Install a woven wire fence that will last

A good fence will save you 

  • Time

  • Money

  • Heartache

  • Stress

  • Relationship issues with family members and neighbors

You can do it however you want. OR you can do it the way we show you.  Trust us, we’ve done it other ways. And spent time chasing animals, money replacing and fixing fences, had tons of heartache over what the animals did while they were out, stress due to all of the above, and strained relations between ourselves when tempers flared, and the neighbors as we explained how our cows messed up their hay and corn fields.

We don’t do that anymore! Now, barring operator error and a gate left open, the animals stay in the pens or pastures we put them in. We don’t dread looking out and seeing a cow prance across the lawn or a pig rooting in the garden.  This is how we did it.  This is the most cost effective and just plain effective way we know, after years of trying to do it on the cheap and jig rigged.

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