Welcome: the power of a bloody handshake


You are about to join an elite crowd. As one friend said, “Never underestimate the power of a bloody handshake.” By the end of this video course you should be able to complete the first part of harvesting your own hog. 

Included is your handbook for this part of the process. It’s designed for you download and print, and to write in or make note of the details as the videos progress. 

As a bonus, we’re including a recipe book specifically for the offal, the organs. We most often make a stir fry with the organs, or grind them into the sausage.  Try some of these recipes just for fun! You never know what you may discover!  

This is a sacred process. You are asking a living being to give it’s life for you to live. Take a moment to appreciate that.  That’s one reason we use the word “harvest.” This animal had many purposes in life, the most noble being that of sustaining life in the end. We harvest that abundance with gratitude, just like we harvest the bounty of green beans, corn, and carrots from our gardens.  You’ve invested time, money, and emotion into your animals and this is the culmination of that process. You are commended for taking responsibility for it and owning the final steps of your animal’s life. May you be well nourished by the bounty from your efforts.

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