It’s been a busy few days here.  Good, but very busy.  Today was the first big event of the weekend.  Today was our first court hearing.

The hearing itself went well. Our attorney, Michelle Halley, represented us well.  The judge asked well-informed questions.  In the end, he was looking for reasons why this case should go to a trial, for material facts that needed to be argued in a court.  He chose to issue a written decision as he wanted to be able to deliver a clear, precisely worded decision.  We are hopeful, along with all the witnesses we’ve talked it over with, that we will go to trial in August.

A huge thank-you to everyone who took the time, effort, and expense to come!!  I’m told there were about 230 people that came from 13 states.  I talked to folks from all over Michigan.  I’m also told that the estimate is that for every person who can attend, there are 10,000 supporters.  That’s a loud message that totals 2,300,000 voices, if those figures are all true.  It was so encouraging to see family, friends, neighbors, community members and leaders, and folks that we’ve talked to via e-mail or facebook.  Some folks were friends of friends of friends.  I do not believe that your voices were lost upon the judge or the DNR/AG.  They heard your concern and support.  Thank-you for taking the time, making the effort.  If you could not make it, thank-you for the supportive thoughts and prayers you offered on our behalf.  I’ll keep you posted when the judge gives his decision.  (Kelly the Kitchen Kop posted a good write-up of the hearing: A Judge With Common Sense?!)

A Judge With Common Sense?!
A Judge With Common Sense?!
A Judge With Common Sense?!

It occurred to me, again, that food is life.  There is an entity that is Life, and there is, I believe, an entity that is against Life.  Food is life.  Real food is life.  This is the frontline of our time.  The right to nourish your body with food that you believe is healthful to your body, and responsible towards the health of the environment is one worth fighting for–and increasingly it seems that is the only way we will preserve that right.  We become a community when we support each other by producing and purchasing food, by giving financial and moral support to those under attack, and by supporting organizations like Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and Weston A. Price Foundation who encourage farmers and foodies and help those facing government interference.

Thank-you, again, to everyone who has become the community around us through your financial support.  It’s a blessing to be able to feed animals without cringing about the bill.  It’s encouraging to look at the repairs we can make (like the tractor) that are important to keeping the farm in operation.  You’ve helped lift a mental burden from our shoulders so that we can focus on moving forward and keeping the farm a viable business.  By keeping the farm going, by sharing the burden of the fight, you are  a part of our success in preserving everyone’s rights to private property and good food.  Thank-you.

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