Diary Herd Share- Michigan

Michigan Dairy Herd Share – Wholesome and Farm Fresh

You can get real, raw, from the cow, farm fresh milk without getting up at 4 am to milk the cow.  The simple solution is to own a share of the cow, thus the milk belongs to you!

Real, raw milk is unprocessed, just as it comes from the cow.  It is not pasturized, which kills the good bacteria which help you digest it along with any bad bacteria.  It also is not homogenized, which profoundly changes the structure of the milk molecules so the cream won’t separate from the milk.  Both processes render the milk more difficult for your body to process.  Many people find they can enjoy raw milk, while their “lactose intolerance” proves to be a homogenization and pasteurization intolerance.  In the processing process, the fat soluble vitamins the cows glean from the grass and sunshine are destroyed, requiring bottlers to add them back in (“vitamin A and D fortified”).  Whole raw milk contains all the vitamins and minerals the cows stashed in there in perfect balance and perfectly bio available to your body, without irritating your immune system with the structural changes homogenization (in particular) imposes on this fabulous food.

The milk share herd is grazed on grasses for as long as the Michigan seasons permit, and enjoy the hay harvested from the farm in the cold months.  They are primarily Jersey, Jersey crosses, Guernseys, or Guernsey crosses. These breeds are known to produce milk with the A2 milk protein.  This protein is common in more heritage dairy cow breeds as opposed to the A1 protein that is common in the huge Holsteins that populate the conventional farms.

What are the benefits of owning a cow share?  You have access to the farm fresh, real, raw milk that will nourish you and your family.  Each share of the herd entitles you to a gallon a week, with half and multiple shares available.

Take a minute and read over the BGA Milk Herd share agreement

Herd Share FAQ:
1) Is the cream skimmed off the top?

No, the milk you get is exactly as the cow made it with the cream still in the milk.
2) If there’s a vet bill, or if a  cow dies, will I be billed or have to buy a share in the new one?

No. You are only getting a part of a herd. We work hard to prevent vet visits by using good practices, homeopathic remedies, and other natural remedies to keep the dairy cows in top form. In practical terms, you would not even know if a cow got sick and was pulled out of production or was struck by lightning or culled out of the herd. It’s part of what we do.
3) Should our milk be dated for freshness?

You’ll be receiving that day, or maybe the day before’s milk.  The cows are healthy, the milking process is super clean, and the milk is kept in clean and cool conditions until delivery. We’ve found it’s good for at least a week and a half.

4) How much will it cost?

The herd share buy in is a one time, non refundable $10.  The monthly subscription cost is $45, which entitles you to one gallon per week.  Half  shares and multiple shares are available to you. If you can’t come a week or go on vacation we will continue to maintain the cow (feed, water, milking, and care) so she continues to give milk for when you’re back. If you can’t pick up on your day (everyone has a particular pick up day so we can be sure you get milk and get the freshest possible), it’ll be waiting for you when you can come.

If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to contact the farm. We will be more than happy to walk you through the process.

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