The University of Chicago can boast of some bright students.  If the gentlemen from the Culinary Club who visited us last week are any measure, it’s a fine institution.  Eight members of the club drove up from Chicago to Building tractor panelsspend the weekend in Northern Michigan on a foodie excursion.  They chose to begin their tour with a day on a sustainably focussed working farm.  They participated in pastured poultry production from moving chicks from brooder to pasture, to shovelling out pens, to building a completed chicken tractor and filling it with chicks, to helping plant the garden.  We enjoyed conversations about farming, politics, law, the environment, as well as where everyone was from (all over the U.S.), majors, plans for the future, and how their foodie interests complimented their plans.  The young men tried a lot of new things, including catching chicks (“they won’t peck you!”) and gutting chickens.  It was a learning experience for us all. 

Who wants to be next?!