Are you ready to save on premium products?  Become a trusted partner with the farm through the buyer’s club and enjoy savings on selected products and as well as Member’s only access to certain products. Your membership gives you ownership of a share of an animal–you tell us what you want from the choices available.  Because we aren’t operating as an open store, inventory may fluctuate a bit, but you also have opportunity for discounts on bulk buying (as a shareholder in an animal/herd) and to request special cuts when we harvest animals.  Join us today to take advantage of your Buyer’s Club savings!

When you order the Buyer’s Club below, you’ll be set up to see Member’s Only products on your next order.  You’ll also be signed up for our periodic Farm newsletter.  Your membership will be for one year.  You’ll be notified when it’s time to renew to keep your savings rolling!

Welcome to the Club!

Membership in the farm has privileges.  Discounts on some items, and availability of some items are for members only.  You will have access to the farm store and it’s products that non-members will not have. As a member of the farm you are considered a shareholder in our farm livestock and have access to:

AND, you can add to your farm and food knowledge for less with discounts on Anyone Can Farm classes.

As you view the various products you’ll see the discount for members.  Today is a good day to get savings on tasty, wholesome food by becoming a member!.