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Farm Exchange buyer’s club application

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The Farm Exchange is a member’s only buying club for the farm.  Membership in the farm has privileges.  Discounts on some items, and availability of some items are for members only.  You will have access to the farm store and it’s products that non-members will not have.

  • Please remember that we are a farm, not a warehouse. We keep a lot of stock on hand, but sometimes run out of particular cuts before it’s time to process again. This is part of a “real food” system.
  • This is private property; your membership gives you permission to enter our property.  You are invited to visit anytime.  We do ask that you call first so we can plan our work around your visit.  Please do not bring dogs along as strange animals can be upsetting to our animals and working dogs.
  • This is an Exchange. There are several options to operate the Exchange.  Normal exchange will be for U.S. funds. By arrangement, we can also exchange for goods or services. Please discuss this with us if this is of interest to you.
  • This will grow and be successful only with your help! Word of mouth is the best advertising. We will thank you with $15 off your next order for each new ordering member who identifies you as their referral source.
  • The Dairy Cow Herd Share is separate from the Farm Exchange. Please talk to us if you’d like to add real milk to your farm food!

To sign up for the Farm Exchange, follow this link to fill out the application (click to download), which needs to be mailed back.  You can send the $20 fee with your application, or order the Farm Exchange through, who provides the platform for our storefront.  The button for that is below and on the right side of the home page.

  1. Create an account there (“Put myself on the map”), following their step by step instructions.
  2. Go to the Baker’s Green Acres storefront.
  3. Order the Farm Exchange.
  4. I will be notified and will complete your order and place you in the proper list.
  5. Next time you log in you will see the Member’s only products and pricing.
    1. Be sure to indicate where you want delivery or pick-up.  If you are picking up on the farm or taking delivery in Traverse City you will be on the appropriate list and need to do nothing.  If you take delivery in Cadillac or need UPS delivery, please order the appropriate one at the bottom of the listing.
    2. There is a $2.95 charge with each order to help FarmMatch cover their costs.  They charge this small fee so that they can provide a more cost effective service to the food producers they work with.  There is a complete explanation of their charges here.
  6. After you place your order, we are notified.  We will fill your order and complete the order with actual weights and final quantities in the system, usually on Tuesday or Thursday.  You will receive a final billing when that happens.  Your credit card will be billed then, or you will receive a billing which you can pay when you meet us to receive your product.

If you have any questions, please contact us: or 231-825-0293.


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Delivery dates and contact:

Thompsonville/Kingsley  (Rose VanderLey)

  • Tuesday/Wednesday evening:  Ordering window is Wednesday, 7 a.m. to Monday, 7 p.m.

Traverse City  (Oviatt House bed and breakfast, 244 E. 8th St. Traverse City)

  • Every Friday after 4 p.m.: ordering window is Saturaday, 7 a.m. to Wednesday, 7 p.m.

Midland  (Tammy Hyatt: 989-293-2188, 1762 E. Stewart Rd., Midland, 48640)

  • Next delivery TBD.

Anywhere else: if you have a group of interested people and are willing to be a host/hostess, let us know!