Col. Klink, the turkey.  He's full of hot air, with nothing to back it up--like his Hogan's Heroes namesake.

We are going remote!

We’ve made delivery trips to Traverse City for some time now, but mostly to retailers or restaurants.  Now, we’re offering this service to folks in Traverse City and in the Midland and Detroit areas.

We have a member’s only Farm Exchange for on-farm shopping.  In the Exchange you can purchase our regular products as well as sale items and special items (such as the experimental sausage recipes I like).  The Farm Exchange is only available to members, something like Sam’s Club.  You are essentially part of the farm, and can enjoy the benefits of that.  The Member’s Only page is exclusively for you.

Separate, but complimentJersey cow "Penny" busy converting grass into delicious milk.ary, is the Cow Herd Share.  You can enjoy real milk from your own cow without having to milk and feed twice a day and shovel manure periodically.  You can own a share of our grass-fed Jersey cow herd, which entitles you to a share of their milk.  You can pick this up weekly.

You could almost make a one stop shop, picking up your milk, meat, and fresh, organic vegetables in one stop!

The remote Farm Exchange is the same thing extended to drop points.  We will be going to Midland once a month, at this point.

We will be in Traverse City every other week.

As we have enough interest from other areas and someone willing to host a drop point we can look at more locations.

You can still buy chicken, beef, pork (later this fall), and eggs at the farm.  But only members can enjoy the extra perks!  Let us know if this sounds good to you.