For all our local folks, there will be a hearing on Friday, February 21, regarding the DNR/AG’s motion for dismissal.  They are saying our pigs are in “compliance” and the case should all be dismissed.  We’d like for them to explain how one video showing striped baby pigs makes our pigs “legal.”  They will also get to explain to our lawyer and the judge how they’ve never seen our whole herd and yet have determined that we’re magically within the law now.  It’ll be lawyer vs. lawyer and promises to be interesting.  We’d like to have all 80 seats of the courtroom filled, so come and stand (well, hopefully you can sit!) as a witness to the DNR’s foolishness.

As I say that, I’m reminded of a scene in Tale of Two Cities.  It’s actually several scenes, but in them all, as Robespiere and his wife are talking to customers in their tavern, out in the streets, etc.,   his wife is all the time quietly knitting.  We find out later that the silent witness is the one that is recording all the wrongs and who-dunnits used later to convict the “noble” class.   In so many ways, the DNR leadership shows the same arrogance and lack of compassionate leadership that the French nobles and the British aristocracy displayed.  I pray for an American, not French, style revolution.  Yet it is the power of the people to witness and demand accountability of those we entrust with leadership.  That is why courts have seats.  So we can witness the motions of  justice, for better or worse.  Time will tell.