Mark shares the DNR’s latest request to the judge–worth $700k.  He also introduces you to his heroes.  Please feel free to repost.


Some comments from the youtube channel (thank-you “Autumnprepper”):

According to the states law “ANIMAL INDUSTRY ACT (EXCERPT)

Act 466 of 1988

“Domestic animal” means those species of animals that live under the husbandry of humans.

“Feral swine” means swine which have lived their life or any part of their life as free roaming or not under the husbandry of humans.

Any person who is found in violation of any part of the Michigan Exotic Animal Law may face a fine of no less than $250 or more than $1,000. This is in addition to any costs incurred by prosecution. Failing to obtain a required permit can cost from $500 to $2,000 per animal, plus the cost of prosecution. Plus a fine, the violator can be imprisoned for up to 93 days, can have up to 500 hours of community service, can lose their owner privileges or their privilege to possess a large carnivore.

Ways you can help:

1) July 12: Court at 111 Canal St. Lake City, MI starts at 2 pm, come early! It would be great to fill the 100 seats with supporters!
2) July 13: Celebration of the Farm at Baker’s Green Acres, starting at 10 am, food at 1pm, ending at 9 pm or so. Come for a hog roast fundraiser. A silent auction is planned and we have room for more donations–call 231-825-0293 or e-mail More information here: Court and a Party
3) Join the community of supporters at Pledgie: