Nutrient dense, nutritious food is no accident.  It’s what Mother Nature meant for us to have, and it’s nice to get confirmation of what we sense to be true.  I was checking out the Mother Earth News website and found two articles that may be of interest.

This one is about pastured hens and the benefits of their  nutrient dense eggs over store eggs.  I’d add that winter in Northern MI limits pasturing, and that’s why we add flax seed and alfalfa meal to our layers’ winter ration.  I can tell when Sam needs to feed the alfalfa more just by the color of the yolks.  It also seems the oranger the yolk, the better the eggs taste.  It’s always nice to see our subjective observations backed through emperical evidence.

The other article, conerning factory farms and human health, highlights the importance of our pastured system for your health. Nature has her ways and we do best to work with those ways than to impose our own will without considering the consequences. We are imperfect stewards of an imperfect creation, but we do need to do the best we can with what we have. This article is a bit longer, but worth the read.

You might also check out the blog on the site. There’s some interesting ideas there, too. Happy reading!