Did you know that your food is your property?  And that, as such, it is protected by the Constitution?

Frank carries his milk from the filling tank to the van. He loves the real stuff!

If you do know this, you’re smarter than the Michigan Department of Ag. and Bill Schuette.

BJ’s Cowboarding cows enjoying early spring pasture, the way grass fed dairy cows should.

Even as a judge released his ruling that BJ’s Cowboarding is in the clear with their herd shares and the services they offer the herd share owners, MDARD returned to the farm and illegally inspected the herd share areas (they may only inspect Grade A areas associated with Hill High Dairy, the inspected Grade A, organically certified portion of the farm) and AGAIN “seized” property belonging to the herd share owners. Bill Schuette‘s office continues to harass small farmers at the behest of the rogue state agencies and attack private property rights.

Did you know the Constitution protects your right to drink real milk?  If you own a share of a cow or cow herd, the milk the cows produce is also your property and therefore protected by the supreme law of the land.

Real milk is milk the way cows were created to give it: full of nutrients harvested from grass, with cream that separates to the top, and unheated to preserve the good things that help your body digest it.  Some people who are “lactose intolerant” discover they are really “processed milk” intolerant.  Weston Price did a lot of work showing the correllation between eating biotic and probiotic rich food and health (particularly dental health, but that’s the first step in the digetstive system, which is the system that nourishes the whole body). Real milk is an important part of a real health lifestyle. (Here’s a specific article answering many FAQ’s about raw milk.)

We work with BJ’s Cowboarding to provide you with a source of real milk from cows lovingly cared for under organic rules.  Ask us how you can obtain real milk for yourself and your family! 

The cows enjoy pasture until as late in the fall as possible, and eat hay from the farm all winter. They are “real cows” who give real, raw milk!