Gathering is a revolutionary act.

There’s a great power in gathering with like minded people. When you choose to step out of the flow of “normal” life, it helps a great deal to have folks to lock arms with, to connect to, for help and support. That is how you revolutionize your life. And then you send out ripples of revival into the culture through the people you touch.

Gathering is a revolutionary act.

And that’s exactly why we’re inviting our Tribe to the farm for Tribe Day! And why we invite people to come to the farm to learn various skills.  And we stop to talk with folks who bring chickens for processing. And we offer places to camp. And invite you to come and take a tour (on Saturday mornings by appointment).

We are meant and designed to be in community, to help and assist each other in growing through this life journey. Farming is nearly a lost art and science in modern culture, so learning how to

  • build soil for a garden
  • raise chickens and rabbits
  • butcher a hog
  • choose a site for a homestead
  • stand strong on your Divine and Constitutional rights to eat the food of your choosing
  • raise kids in the wholesome environment of a farm

requires the support and teaching of an alternative community.  We all learn better when we do the thing, and the hack to even quicker evolution is to do the thing with other people. Alone and isolation are deadly to the human mind and spirit.  We love company! We thrive on not-alone and community.

For those of you that haven’t participated in one of Mark and Jill Baker’s Homestead Hog Harvest classes, you’ve got to do it…and then host one at your farm!  

This past weekend, we held our inaugural Homestead Hog Harvest class at Crunchy Mama Farms in Alvord, Texas with Mark and Jill Baker as the instructors.  It was a weekend filled with bonding over the harvest and breaking bread together.  As Mark likes to say, “Never underestimate the power of a bloody handshake” and we got to experience the bonding this created first-hand.  The emotions ran from somber as we harvested the pigs to festive as we created 6 types of sausages and sampled them together.  

There’s just something magical and powerful when people with the same goals come together to learn a new skill.  Despite our varied backgrounds, we came together in the true essence of humanity  – to make a harvest from the land and provide a sustenance for our families so we can live well during the winter.  If you are getting disheartened about the current state of affairs, attend one of these events to give you hope!   

Amy Kelly

Crunchy Mama Farms

You can belong! Join us and experience The Anyone Can Farm Experience at Baker’s Green Acres. You can learn basic homesteading skills at Tribe Day, or more specific skills at one of our on-farm classes. When we gather we change our individual worlds, and from there we make the world a better place.

Gathering is a revolutionary act.