I just read an article about a new group of genetically modified seeds.  The RNA of the seed is changed.  The RNA is the switch flipper of the cell.  It’s programmed to turn on and off particular cell functions at appropriate times.  But Monsanto and its cronies are rewriting plant cell RNA to kill insect pests.  That sounds like a noble cause, but there are no long term studies on how that will affect eaters of the plant.  There is legitimate concern that the RNA will be intact and can affect your RNA such that your cells will fire and misfire at the wrong times.  Imagine the havoc.  Judging from how the DNA modifications are working out and from the passage of the Monsanto Protection Rider we could be in for quite an experience.

We grow, eat, and sell real food.  It’s good-for-you, body building stuff.  Our bounty lately has been eggs.  We add alfalfa meal to our layers’ feed through the winter.  It helps keep their yolks nice and orange, telling me that there’s green goodness in there.  The hens aren’t pastured but it’s the next best thing in our northern climate.  Pasture fed chicken eggs have a reputation for being lower in cholesterol, higher in vitamin A, and higher in Omega 3 fatty acids.  We work hard to take good care of our hens and eggs so the eggs can be as nutritious as possible.

Enter Easter.  The kids love to color eggs.  I’ve been reading, though, about the nasty things in food dyes.  I believe our bodies are designed to handle a great deal of garbage and process it out.  On the other hand, why make it work any harder than necessary–even a good environment presents enough challenges.  Then I saw this article about using tea to color eggs.  It’s a natural alternative to the dyes.  I think we’ll try it!

Post image for Recipe: Chai Tea Infused Marble Easter Eggs

Moral of the story: keep your food as real as possible.  As much as possible, don’t contaminate good food with fake stuff (like the dyes).  Real food grows real bodies!