At last, the weather man is suggesting warmer temperatures!  We are reveling in the idea.  And eagerly anticipating the pleasure of the practice of sunshine.  Meantime, our house is full of puppies and the pig houses are full of straw to keep the baby pigs warm.

These puppies are well socialized to many people and children!

These puppies are well socialized to many people and children!


DSCN5823DSCN5821At this age, mostly they just eat, sleep, and make stinky messes.  The first litter has open eyes and can get up on all fours.  The later litter should be opening their eyes any day now.

The puppies are by our incorrigable male Obie, out of Lilly and Minnie.  All three are working guardian dogs on our farm.  They are purebred, but not papered.  Their duties mostly concern the pastured broiler chickens in the summer, but they also watch over the pigs, cows, and kids.  They do like to wander, but respond well to the livestock fencing, which includes electric fence, and to the underground fence.  They are gentle giants.

Puppies are $350 each.  A deposit of $175 will put you on the list of first choosers and guarantee you a puppy.  You can mail a check, or make a deposit online, just order a “Miscellaneous” and make a note of what you want.   Let us know today if you are interested!


And there are baby pigs happening.  We will have weaned pigs available starting the middle of April.  We don’t take deposits on them, just come!  If you let us know you want piglets, we make sure you have preference when it’s time to let them go to new homes.  They are well acclimated to our cold northern climate, so they are fine outside even in Michigan’s spring weather!  Weaned feeder pigs are $250 each, breeding stock is available this year for $750 each.







We use an outdoor deep straw farrowing system. The moms work cooperatively to care for the piglets. They often lay together and the babies lay on top, for an efficient radiant heat effect.