Livestock Guardian dogs (Great Pyrenees, to be exact) save the day!

Do you know you almost didn’t have access to Northern Michigan’s best pasture raised chickens?

Our second or third year here on Baker’s Green Acres, we had predators that got nearly as many chickens as we did. It was so discouraging that we almost quite raising chickens out on the grass. You came that close to not having a farmer.

Then the concept of a livestock guardian dog came up. Our first pup, Lily, saved the day (and night)! If you come pick up your chicken, beef, pork, or milk at the farm, you’ll meet Lily’s successors Claire and Obie. Plus, their protegees Chloe and Louie (the cutest pups ever!). These are the hard working Guardians of the Birds who guarantee that you’ll get your chickens, and that your pork and beef have behaved themselves. (Watch what saved your chickens in the video below. Mark will explain it all.)

great pyrenees, chickens, dog, dogs
great pyrenees, livestock guardian dog, chickens
Great Pyrenees, puppy, livestock guardian dog