Today is not a pretty day.  There’s ice, snow, wind, snow on ice, wind, ice.   The animals are hunkered down in their shelters and straw.  Even the little birds are no where to be seen.

The roads are hairy, no doubt about it.   When we got to our hearing in Lake City the visibility was just a bit better than nothing by the lake.  The roads were icy but drivable.  We got there about half an hour early and stopped by a local gas station for coffee before heading to the courtroom.  We discovered the room was nearly full 20 minutes ahead of time.  There was the couple, 80 years old, who came from Lansing.  There were many friends from Midland.  Others had arrived from Manistee, Gladwin, Houghton Lake, Tustin, and around the corner (in Lake City).  From all over the state, people who care about our rights and freedom had braved the winter weather to listen to the arguments.

Then we got the news.  The roads were too hairy for Harry.  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources attorney, a prior 20 year resident of Michigan’s wintery Upper Penninsula, was unable to attend.  He was still a long way out (over 1 hour on good roads) 20 minutes before the hearing was to begin.   And  there was this accident.  And he just couldn’t make it.  The judge valued the integrity of the proceedings today and felt an unflustered attorney should be present for both sides.  So he adjourned the hearing until next Wed., Feb. 26, at 1:00.  

This hearing was important.  It involved a Motion for Dismissal, a potential game ender.  Our attorney looked at the weather and chose to drive from Marquette on yesterday’s ice to avoid today’s blizzard on ice conditions.  She was prepared.  She was focused.  She was present.

And she’ll be back next Wednesday.