Hay and Philosophy: Thoughts on Homesteading and Farming

Mark’s been busy making hay the last week and a half.  We finally got some consistent warm and dry weather to be able to bale hay.  Most farmers around us chop it while it’s green and press it into huge piles.  And I do mean huge.  Or they blow it into large tubes so it looks like a white caterpillar farm.  But we make bales because we feed beef cows and horses and pigs and don’t have the technology to make haylage.

Making hay means a lot of hours on the tractor for the farmer to think.  Mark made a couple videos sharing some of his philosophical thoughts as we transition to a slightly different business model.  We’ve been assessing and revamping our business plan and farm model in the last couple of months.  Remember to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with Mark’s videos.

Here’s some of the upshot: