We are proud to host Dan Kitteredge and the High Bionutrient Crop Production course through our Anyone Can Farm program.  The two day intensive course is on February 21 & 22.  There is an introductory lecture and potluck on Sunday, December 7, from 5:30 to 8:30 (or so) at the Anyone Can Farm Bunkhouse.  The address for that is 1719 Brinks Rd.  Marion, 49665.

You can read more about the course at AnyoneCanFarm.com and at Bionutrient.org.  You can sign up for the course through the Bionutrient Food Association website (see the end of the page).  Please RSVP to Baker’s Green Acres or Anyone Can Farm for the December 7 evening.  If you are wanting to take the class but can’t make it to the Introductory evening, please contact us to make arrangements.